Winter hiking

The snow conditions in 2012:

UPDATE: No snow on the main trails as of 2nd March 2012

Shiratani Unsuikyo and the Kusugawa Trail 

The following photo was taken on 7th Jan 2012 at Tsuji pass above Shiratani Unsuikyo. There was 3-4 cm of snow and no special footwear was needed up to that point.

Tsuji pass
Arakawa/Okabu Trail to Jomon Sugi

The following photos were taken on 6th Jan 2012 on the Arakawa/Okabu trail to Jomon Sugi.

The Arakawa Trail Entrance had 5 cm of snow.

The start of the Arakawa Trail

 The Okabu trail Entrance had 5-10 cm of snow and from here onwards crampons were needed.

The start of the Okabu trail
The area around Jomon Sugi was accesible but had up to 40 cm of snow.

Jomon Sugi

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