Yakushima Accommodation

This page contains a selection of the places to stay in Yakushima in 2016 and you can contact them directly as almost all speak English.

The guidebook contains a whole lot more accommodation including all the contact details and latest prices.

You can now book a range of hotels and guest houses directly (in English) through RAKUTEN

CHEAP ACCOMMODATION SELECTION (Many more in the guide book!)
The mountain huts  (Free! No booking needed)

Location: in the mountains

Completely free! But at the more extreme end of accommodation options.

Couch surfing  (Free!)

Location: various

Location: various sites around the coast

Yakushima Youth hostel  (Book direct - English spoken)

Location:  Hirauchi (See Google maps) 

Portside Youth Hostel in Miyanoura  (Book direct - English spoken)

Location: Miyanoura center (See Google maps)

MID-PRICED ACCOMMODATION SELECTION (Many more in the guide book!)

Cottage Morinokokage  (Book direct - English spoken)

Location: Funayuki (See Google maps)

Welcoming wooden cabins just north of Anbo.  (See ad on the sidebar)

Cottage Morinokokage, Yakushima
Cottage Morinokokage
Shikinoyado Onoaida  (Book direct - English spoken)

Location: Onoaida (See Google maps)

Friendly guesthouse with private condos and barbecues.
Shikinoyado Onoaida, Yakushima
Shikinoyado Onoaida
Daichan house

Location: Anbo South (See Google maps)

Stay in a Mongul hut! Great reviews.
Daichan house
Daichan house
Chinryu-an  (Book direct - English spoken)

Location: Onoaida South (See Google maps)

On the mountain side, a short walk to Onoaida onsen.
Chinryu-an, Yakushima

THE HIGH END HOTEL SELECTION (Many more in the guide book!)

The JR Hotel  (Book direct - English spoken)

Location: Onoaida center (See Google maps)

On the clifftop with sea views and an onsen.

JR Hotel

Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel   (Book direct - English spoken)

Location: Onoaida south (See Google maps)

A giant hotel just south of Onoaida with a tree growing in the lobby. 
Yakushima Iwasaki Hotel

Jomon no Yado Manten (English booking site here)

Location: Koseda (See Google maps and Street view)
Across the road from the airport with an onsen.
Jomon no Yado Manten

For more information about Yakushima accommodation check out the one and only Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide

Yakushima Guide book