Yakushima Fact 1

The dense forests that cover Yakushima go right up to the shoreline with an astonishing 95.5% of the island owned and managed by the forestry department.

Yakushima Fact 2

The mountainous inland region is officially the wettest place in Japan. Most of Japan has an average of 1,000-2,000 mm of rainfall per year but Yakushima has over 10,000 mm of rainfall a year (Don't forget your raincoat!)

Yakushima Fact 3

Yakushima has the tallest mountain in southern Japan. Miyanoura dake is 1935 m high and offers 360 degree-views above the forest canopy.

Yakushima Fact 4

There are around 7,000 wild Yakuzaru monkeys and an equal number of Yakushika deer, both unique sub-species only found on Yakushima. Together they out-number the island residents.

Yakushima Fact 5

Yakushima has some of the oldest in the world. The most famous living yakusugi tree is Jomon Sugi which is believed to be 2,600-7,200 years old!



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