Yakushima attractions: The South East

Pillow-shaped Lava beach:

Location: Nagakubo (See Google maps)

A collection of coloured lava rock formations to climb over.

Pillow-shaped Lava beach
Pillow-shaped Lava beach
Harutahama beach:

Location: Anbo (See Google maps)

Jagged rocks with rock pools full of fascinating creatures.

Harutahama beach
Harutahama beach


Yakusugi Museum:

Location: Anbo (See Google maps)

Inside it has displays about the forest and a branch from Jomon Sugi which fell off several years ago.

Yakusugi Museum

Kashima Kougei (鹿島工芸):

Location: Anbo (See Google maps)
On the hill heading south of Anbo, soon after the turn off to the mountains, you'll find my favourite place to buy souvenirs. There's more details here but if you stop I'm sure they would be delighted.

Kashima Kougei

Sarukawa Gajimaru:

Location: Anbo (See Google maps)

This is a peaceful place to find the famous gajimaru or banyan trees. There shouldn't be many if any people and you can pretend to be Tarzan to your heart's delight.

Sarukawa Gajimaru

Toroki-no-taki waterfall:

Location: Mugio (See Google maps)
One of only 2 waterfalls in Japan to flow directly into the sea.

Toroki-no-taki waterfall

Senpiro-no-taki waterfall:

Location: Hara (See Google maps)
The waterfall flows on a spectacularly large chunk of granite and is a popular place to visit.

Senpiro-no-taki waterfall


Yamanko yusui spring water:

Location: Hara (See Google maps)

Fresh mountain spring water with bamboo cups - forget bottled mineral water, this is the real thing.


Location: Onoaida (See Google maps)

Look at an interactive live picture of Onoaida and Mochomu mountain HERE

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