Despite what you may have read or heard - No, it doesn't rain all the time on Yakushima. The 35 days of rain a month quote that people like to use just doesn't represent reality.

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Around the coast there is as much sun as there are rain clouds and depending on the season there could go several weeks of droplet free, clear skies. When it does rain however - it pours down with a vengeance but only usually during rainy season in June/July.

The big difference in the weather in Yakushima is that between the coast and the mountains. Look at this weather forecast for this week on the coast.

And now look at the same weather forecast for the high mountains.

You may notice the startling change in temperatures. For more details on this go to TEMPERATURES in YAKUSHIMA.

The high mountains towards the centre of the island are much more prone to cloud and while it may be bright sunshine all around, the peaks are sometimes shrouded in mist in their own micro-climate.

The best place to be to avoid rain if it does come is in the South West of the island as the mountain range behind is unbroken and offers some protection from the weather.

Most of the rain falls in Rainy season in June and Typhoon season begins in September with the potential to disrupt any travel plans. In the guide book you'll read about Typhoon 17 and its destructive power but here is the arrival of a lesser typhoon to give you a taster.

Here is the link to the same Typhoon tracker website as in the video. See if one is heading to Yakushima at the moment.

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