The temperatures in Yakushima jump from tropic heat in the summer to Siberian cold in the winter. In the summer with high humidity it can get appallingly hot and in the winter, teeth-chatteringly cold. Exactly what temperature you might experience in Yakushima depends very much on your altitude. If you are on the coast the temperature will be higher both in summer and winter.


Look at this chart. It shows the temperatures this week on the coast in Yakushima.

Now compare this with the following chart. This shows the temperatures this week near the summit of Mt.Miyanoura.

As you might notice, there's a huge difference in temperatures this week if you are in the mountains or on the coast. 


Here is a chart of the average temperatures in Yakushima around the coast.

Month Average Temperature Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature
Jan 12.3ºC / 54ºF 15.3ºC / 59.5ºF 9ºC / 48.2ºF
Feb 14.4ºC / 58ºF 17.1ºC / 62.7ºF 11.5 / 52.7ºF
March 14.5ºC / 58ºF 17.5ºC / 63ºF 11.6ºC / 58ºF
April 20.2ºC / 68.3ºF 23.7ºC / 74.6ºF 17.1ºC / 62.7ºF
May 22.8ºC / 73ºF 25.6ºC / 78ºF 20.2ºC / 68.3ºF
June 24.3ºC / 75.7ºF 27.3ºC / 81ºF 21.6ºC / 70.8ºF
July 27ºC / 80ºF 30.8ºC / 87.4ºF 23.6ºC / 74.4ºF
Aug 28ºC / 82.4ºF 32.2ºC / 90ºF 24.2ºC / 75.5ºF
Sept 26.4ºC / 79.5ºF 29.6ºC / 85.2ºF 23.6ºC / 74.4ºF
Oct 23.3ºC / 73.9ºF 26ºC / 78.8ºF 20.6ºC / 69ºF
Nov 18.7ºC / 65.6ºF 21.6ºC / 70.8ºF 15.6ºC / 60ºF
Dec 15ºC / 59ºF 17.7ºC / 63.8ºF 12.2ºC / 54ºF

Now if you are wondering what this means with the temperatures in the mountains, we have you covered below. This table shows you the temperatures at each of the mountain huts (very important information if you intend to stay the night) and also popular mountain destinations. 

The general rule is that for every 100m you climb the temperature decreases by 0.6º C. This means that you should allow for the following temperature changes in the mountains:

  • At Jomon Sugi (1300m) the temperature is 7.8ºC below the temperatures in the above table.
  • At the summit of Mt.Miyanoura (1936m) it is 11.6ºC below.
  • At Shiratani Unsuikyo (825m) it is 5ºC  below.
  • At Takatsu hut (1330m) it is 8ºC below.
  • At Shintakatsu hut (1460m) it is 8.8ºC below.
  • At Shikanosawa hut (1550m) it is 9.3ºC below.
  • At Yodogawa hut (1380m) it is 8.3ºC below.
  • At Ishizuka hut (1600m) it is 9.6ºC below.

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