We know visiting Yakushima can be expensive so here is a list of cheap accommodation on Yakushima so you can enjoy the mountains without a gaping hole in your wallet!

Remember - when possible you can book directly in English with all the properties we include. Just follow the links. 

They're completely free! And no reservations required! Just hike up to the one you want and find a place. First come first served so arrive earlier rather than later. We've done this many times and its always an adventure! 

It's free too! We've never done this on Yakushima but you can - please tell us if you do! Follow the link to an article about couch surfing in Yakushima.

There are several campsites to choose from all over the island. Reservations are sometimes difficult so you have to be flexible! We've stayed in some of them and Yakushima is a great place for camping. 

A great choice for staying in the center of Miyanoura. We stayed here and we thought it had everything you need in a solid hostel: aircon, washing machine, showers/baths and a terrace overlooking the port. You can book direct in English and only 10 min walk to port.

This is the sister youth hostel in Hirauchi but is much larger with more facilities. You can rent a car, a bike and mountain gear. We we impressed and really enjoyed our stay here. Follow the link and you can book direct.

This is a welcome addition to accommodation in Yakushima. It's new, clean and well-cared for. The owner speaks good English and has really thought about the needs of his guests. We loved it here. And there were monkeys on the trees! 

You can find several places on Airbnb in Yakushima. We've visited a few that only accept guests from airbnb and nowhere else. So it's always worth a look.

You might find that its cheaper to rent a campervan/converted car than to pay for accommodation and car hire separately. We tried this and it's perfect for 2 people. You can sleep at trail entrances or next to the sea. It's a lot of fun. You can book in English.

There are of course lots more places to stay if you are on a budget, and we've actually been in your shoes as guests to really see what it's like. There are lots more in the Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide