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There are two bus companies on Yakushima: 'Yakushima Kotsu' and 'Matsubanda'. Matsubanda has just revised its timetable in March 2009 and changed some of the bus times as detailed in my book.

*Please note the following important changes to the Matsubanda timetable* (The shaded timetable in the guide book)

To Yakusugiland/Kigensugi:

Miyanoura to Yakusugiland/Kigensugi bus route
Bus stop Old *New*
Miyanoura Port Entrance 12.51 12.41
Miyanoura 12.53 12.43
Koseda 13.07 12.57
Airport 13.21 13.01
Town hall 13.24 13.12
Anbo 13.29 13.17
Yakusugi Museum 13.35 13.23
Arakawa Junction 14.00 13.48
Yakusugiland 14.05 13.53
Kigensugi 14.23 14.11

The returning bus is the same as in the book at 15.53.

To Shiratani Unsuikyo:

There is an extra bus in the morning at 11.20 (see below) and there is no longer a bus at 16.00 from Miyanoura.
Shiratani Unsuikyo bus route
Bus stop *New*
Miyanoura Port 11.20
Miyanoura Port Entrance 11.22
Miyanoura 11.24
Mori-no-tenbodai 11.38
Kumo-no-tembodai 11.41
Shiratani Unsuikyo 11.50
From Shiratani Unsuikyo:

All three Matsubanda buses have changed their times (due to the early evening road closure) as follows:
Shiratani Unsuikyo bus route
Bus stop Old *New*
Shiratani Unsuikyo 10.00 9.30
Kumo-no-tembodai 10.09 9.39
Mori-no-tenbodai 10.12 9.42
Miyanoura 10.26 9.56
Miyanoura Port Entrance 10.28 9.58
Miyanoura Port 10.30 10.00
Shiratani Unsuikyo bus route
Bus stop Old *New*
Shiratani Unsuikyo 15.00 12.00
Kumo-no-tembodai 15.09 12.09
Mori-no-tenbodai 15.12 12.12
Miyanoura 15.26 12.26
Miyanoura Port Entrance 15.28 12.28
Miyanoura Port 15.30 12.30
Shiratani Unsuikyo bus route
Bus stop Old *New*
Shiratani Unsuikyo 17.00 16.00
Kumo-no-tembodai 17.09 16.09
Mori-no-tenbodai 17.12 16.12
Miyanoura 17.26 16.26
Miyanoura Port Entrance 17.28 16.28
Miyanoura Port 17.30 16.30
From Arakawa Trail Entrance:

There is now an extra bus from Arakawa Trail Entrance to Miyanoura as follows:
Arakawa Trail bus route
Bus stop *New*
Arakawa Trail Entrance 16.30
Arakawa Junction 16.44
Yakusugi Museum 17.09
Anbo 17.15
Town Hall 17.20
Airport 17.31
Koseda 17.35
Miyanoura 17.49
Miyanoura Port Entrance 17.52
The rest of the Matsubanda timetable appears the same as printed in the guide book. Should you come across anything different please let me know in the comments section below.

Remember the changes only apply to the Matsubanda bus timetables not the coastal routes/mountain routes of the larger Yakushima Kotsu bus service.

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