The hiking trails on Yakushima

Mountains from Taikoiwa Rock

There are many beautiful hiking trails in Yakushima both long and short.

In my guide book (nudge! nudge!) I detail and map 15 different trails from all over the island - Yakusugiland, Shiratani Unsuikyo, Arakawa trail, Okabu trail, Yodogawa trail, Kusugawa trail, Onoaida trail, Mt.Mochomu trail, Mt.Tachu trail, Mt.Aiko trail, Yudomari trail, Kurio trail, Hanayama trail, Nagata trail and Yakusando trail (phew!). In this collection of walks there's something for absolutely everyone.

Many visitors are interested in one of the three key paths which head into the interior of the island to visit Jomon sugi and Mt.Miyanoura. You'll find a brief description of them in the links below. In great detail however (cough! cough!) in my guide book.

Other wonderful hikes:

For more informatiom about hiking in Yakushima - check out the one and only Yakumonkey Guide to Yakushima

Yakushima Guide book