The Y1 Trail begins at the end of the long mountain road from Anbo. Full details in the guide but it leads to the following wonderful places:


Yodogawa hut, Yakushima
Yodogawa hut lies 45 minutes from the trail entrance
You can stay the night here and get up early for a morning hike. More details are here: Mountain huts. There is a river behind the hut to fill up your water containers.


Hana-no-ego Highland Marsh, Yakushima
Hana-no-ego Highland Marsh in winter (there's a deer in the middle of the shot)
This is the first highlight in the trail and when the forest opens out into space. You should get to see deer roaming around as you walk along the raised boards.

KUROMI DAKE (1831 m)

Kuromi dake, Yakushima
The summit of Kuromi dake
This is a destination in itself and requires a short detour to the summit of Mt.Kuromi via K3 Trail for sweeping 360 degree views.


Trail to Miyanoura dake, Yakushima
Above the treeline on the trail to Miyanoura dake

Trail to Miyanoura dake, Yakushima
Hikers on the trail to Miyanoura dake
The trees disappear as the trail continues and the last part of the hike to the top of Mt.Miyanoura is through rocks and short grass. At the summit you can see the whole island from coast to coast on a clear day.

NAGATA DAKE (1886 m)

Nagata dake, Yakushima
The view from the summit of Nagata dake, Yakushima
If you are not too exhausted by now, the M1 Trail continues down and then up again (N1 Trail) to the summit of Mt.Nagata. Again there are sweeping views to the West on a clear day. 


Okabu trail, Yakushima
Okabu trail, Yakushima
After Mt.Miyanoura the trail becomes the M1 Trail and it descends towards Shintakatsu Hut and then the O1 Trail to Jomon Sugi.

For more information about the Y1 Trail and Yakushima - 
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