It used to be really difficult to find accommodation on Yakushima if you couldn't speak Japanese but now it's not! 

Here are some great ideas for places to stay in Yakushima in 2019 and you can contact most of them directly by email or phone as they speak English. You can find more in the Yakushima Guidebook which contains a whole lot more accommodation including contact details and latest prices.

You can now book a range of Yakushima hotels and guest houses directly (in English) through the following websites:

We suggest however that the best way to book is directly with the accommodation. Only then will they receive all of your money. Whenever we can, we give you the links to their websites so you can do this. 

Here are some great suggestions for finding the most suitable place to stay:

Did you know that you can stay on Yakushima for free? Yes, completely free. The mountain huts cost nothing and you sleep in the middle of Yakushima's main attraction: the forest. There are 2 youth hostels, one in the south and one in the north, and there are numerous other cheap hostels and bed and breakfasts which allow you to keep your expenses down. Click to find out more.

For those of you with a reasonable budget, there are some fantastic places to stay on Yakushima from guesthouses to cabins. You can choose whether you want room only or meals included and the best thing is that many places speak English.  Click to find out more. 

There is really no limit to the luxurious hotels and exclusive resorts on Yakushima. All accommodation at this price include their own hot spa and gourmet food. English is spoken in all Yakushima's world-class accommodation. Click to find out more.

There are some places to stay on Yakushima with unique selling points that no other accommodation has. In this section we include the ones that we think fit this category. Click to find out more.

For more information about Yakushima accommodation check out the one and only Yakushima: A Yakumonkey Guide