We love Anbo river. The water is crystal clear and the forest creeps down to the water's edge. We have been canoeing and kayaking but we wanted to try Standup paddleboarding or SUP to see if it gets the Yakumonkey seal of approval. So we tried it and here is what we think.

SUP is a really great way to explore Anbo river. As you stand or sit on the board rather than actually in it like a canoe, you are free to change positions and, if you want, to jump in at will as the board is tethered to your foot like a surfboard. 

We joined a SUP tour and they took us up-river for the afternoon. It was a blast but one thing is important to mention - you need to be fit - at least in your upper body - as you propel the board forward with a long paddle. You get to wear a wetsuit and boots and there is a life vest an arm's reach away just in case.

It is a bit of a slog to fight the current in the first half of the tour but the beauty of the river and the forest all around makes it all worth it. This part of the forest is not frequented by people so monkeys are often eating on the trees.  

You do get frequent breaks though and there is even time for coffee on the sandbank at the halfway point. After coffee it is time for somersaults off the board and by this time, a dip in the water is just what is called for.

SUP paddleboarding Yakushima

If you want to try SUP, you can find GREEN MOUNT at You can book direct with them as they have a booking form in English on their website. Take it from us, you'll have a great time!

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