Yakushima is famous for its nature but it is also well known for its local produce. You will come across these products all over the island in any souvenir shop and you should try them at least once to get a real taste (literally) of Yakushima.

Here are the most common specialities:

These hybrid oranges are harvested from December to January and you will find them everywhere you go in all sorts of shapes and forms - Juice, cookies, jam, cakes and sweets.

A variation of this sweet orange is harvested from February to March. Yakushima produces more Ponkan and Tankan oranges than any other place in Japan.

These are known as Tobio and are common in the seas around Yakushima. I used to be a Tobio fisherman in Anbo and I can't go near them as the smell produces nausea! Other people tell me they're tasty though. You can find them in all kinds of products from dried flakes to burgers.

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