If it is raining up in the mountains and you have little time to wait a day or two for the weather to clear, this trail is the closest thing there is to the big mountain trails.

Onoaida trail entrance

Onoaida trail

It begins at Onoaida onsen and gently meanders through the forest for an hour before becoming more challenging the closer you come to the waterfall.

You need to cross a few rivers and care should be taken in rainy season.

You return along the same route and end up at the onsen. A great place to finish a hike if only for its foot bath.

Foot bath at Onoaida Onsen
Foot bath at Onoaida Onsen

For more more detailed information about the Onoaida trail - check out the one and only Yakumonkey Guide to Yakushima


This a really great trail if you arrive at Onoaida in the mid-afternoon and want an easy intro hike. Lush vegetation and a rewarding falls at the end of the trail. There's even a spot outside the onsen where you can soak you feet but I think it [the foot bath, not the onsen] closes at 5 p.m.

Hey. Still planning my trip, and I have a couple more questions. For 2 people who enjoy hiking and are relatively fit, do you think it's feasible to reach Ishizuka hut, from Onoaida, if we leave early morning (maybe 5am)? I guessed it may be about 12 hours or so. We are thinking of going up to Hananoego, from Onoaida, and across the not-so-used path to Ishizuka hut, staying the night there, before heading out to the Yakusugi Land car park, via Yamato-sugi, the next day.

Yes, you can but most of the time you're climbing and that might be punishing physically. It depends how fit you are. Certainly that route is going to be much quieter.

What time of day is good to avoid tour groups?

There are not usually any tour groups on this trail