You can travel around Yakushima by car, by campervan, by bus, by scooter, by bicycle, by taxi or on foot. Take your pick! Below you will find Yakumonkey advice about how to organise your trip the way you want it.    

For car rental on Yakushima the choice is now huge with dozens of competing companies vying for your business. Go to their website, see if they have what you want and book it. It's that simple. Click the car to see more.

Buses can take you almost everywhere on Yakushima and the cheapest way is to buy a pass valid for all or part of your stay. You may still have to pay for the mountain buses though so plan carefully. Click the bus to see more.


Renting a scooter is one sure way to experience Yakushima in its full sense. You get to smell the forest, the wind in your face and the rain down your neck! Great to park and easy to move around. You still need an international or Japanese driving license though. Click the scooter to see more.

If you rent a bike, you're going to see Yakushima at your pace. You can rent street bikes or mountain bikes and if you really feel it, you can cycle all the way round the island in one day. Click the bicycle to see more.


Taxis can be really convenient especially if there is a group of you, or if you wish to go up or down the mountain early morning or late afternoon. They have fixed prices and you can find them in the larger settlements on Yakushima. Click the taxi to see more.

For more information about Yakushima transport check out the one and only Yakumonkey Guide to Yakushima