Camping on Yakushima 2016

Yakushima offers a selection of campsites around the coast ranging from virtually no facilities to cabins and open air hot tubs.

Much more information about each campsite has been included in the guide book but I have listed the bare bones of each place below.

Booking ahead is rather difficult in most cases so you need to be flexible.

Nagata: Nagata Inagahama Camping Place Tel: 45-2181

Nagata Inagahama Campsite

Price per night - 800 yen. No website and we've visited many times but there is never anyone there! Facilities look a little worse for wear but it has a great position at the beach in Nagata.

Nagata Inagahama Campsite

Isso: Oura Campsite Tel: 44-2034

Price per night - 800 yen. 

Miyanoura: Ocean view Campsite Tel: 42-0091

Ocean view Campsite

Price per night - 800 yen. Book a night here in the Yakushima Kanko center in Miyanoura.

Kusugawa: Tento Mura Kusu Kusu Tel: 42-1667

Price per night - 800 yen

Koseda: Rider House Tomarigi Tel: 43-5069

Rider House Tomarigi

Anbo: Banyamine Camping Place Tel: 46-3210

Banyamine Camping Place 

Price per night - from 800 yen

Onoaida: Jerry's Campsite Tel: 47-2694

Jerry's Campsite 

Price per night: 800 yen

Hirauchi: Yakushima South Village Tel: 47-3751

Yakushima South Village

Price per night - 1000 yen

Kurio: Yakushima Youth Travel Village Tel: 48-2871

Yakushima Youth Travel Village 

Price per night - Adult: 400 yen, child (under 6) 300 yen + costs of tent

For more information about Yakushima campsites check out the one and only Yakumonkey Guide to Yakushima

Yakushima Guide book