There are many great places to snorkel in Yakushima. Here are a few of the best: 


Isso beach - Yakushima
Isso beach
The best place for snorkeling is actually on the other side of the car park to where the beach is. Cross the small road that runs by the side of the main Isso beach carpark and there is a rocky bay. It is here that many of the diving companies come and there are wonderful fish.


Tzukazaki Tide Pool

Tzukazaki Tide Pool can be reached right at the end of the track that runs through Yakushima Youth Travel village to the sea. Head to the left andf there is a natural protective area to snorkel at the mouth of the river.


Harutahama is also great for snorkeling but not where you may think. From the car park walk across the small concrete bridge and the snorkeling area is to your left where the river flows into the sea. When the tide is in snorkel out a little way to where the rocks mark the end of the river mouth.

Check out LOW TIDE TIMES before snorkeling.

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