Go out of the terminal and find the bus stop ticket machines. The routes are colour-coded and have numbers. The bus to Kagoshima city and the port is line 2 which is the color red. So buy a ticket for 1200 yen (adult) or 600 yen (child) from the machine. Look a bit lost and that nice man in the uniform will do it for you.

Kagoshima airport bus station
Bus ticket machines at Kagoshima airport
Then stand at the red/line 2 bus stop and wait. Check out the bus timetable on the sign in front. Those times in red are the buses that go all the way to Kagoshima port 鹿児島本港 whereas the times in black stop in the city centre. Buses with red times are the most convenient but even from the city centre, the port is only a 10-15 min walk.

Kagoshima airport bus stop
Bus timetable at Kagoshima airport
Along comes the bus. It's called the airport limousine bus 空港リムジンバス and you jump on and find a seat.

Kagoshima airport limousine bus
Airport Limousine bus stop at Kagoshima airport
Kagoshima airport shuttle bus
Airport Limousine bus at Kagoshima airport

Like magic you are whisked past all those rice fields and forested mountains and end up in the city an hour later.


The bus will stop at Kagoshima Chuo Station first and then continue on towards the center.
Tenmonkan bus stop in the center of Kagoshima
Most people get off at Tenmonkan 天文館 on the main street in the city center of Kagoshima. But the bus continues on further towards the port. And then you're there!

Kagoshima to Yakushima jetfoil port
The Tane-yaku jetfoil port to Yakushima

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